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Why Rhys Hoskins COULD be top 5 1B next year

September 6, 2017 at 11:01 am

He was crushing it in the minors (38 HR – 2nd most in minors). Critics may say he was in a hitter friendly ballpark, but was able to keep putting up top numbers in AAA. This year with a little under 100AB (at this point) in the majors his avg. over .315 and OPS over 1.000. Great start.

91 ABs with 12 HR = 1 HR per 7.5 AB. Obviously he won’t be able to maintain that, but some are comparing him to Goldshmidt flying under the radar (at the beginning of his career) as a power hitting 1B with great contact.

On Yahoo he has 1B and OF eligibility. Nice little bonus.

I’ve read that his K/BB ratio is always one of his stronger points, which isn’t as common for power hitting guys, which separates him from those sluggers with 40 HR and .214 avg. Which is why he can fall into the potential top 5 1B conversation for next year.

For example, the #1-4 2018 1B rankings are pretty obvious

1) Goldschmidt
2) Votto
3) Rizzo
4) Bryant

Hoskins is a guy who can be #5 going up against guys like Murphy, Hosmer, Zimmerman etc. fighting for the spot, but at a much cheaper price.

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Profile photo of Darren
Posted 06 September 2017

Certainly a top prospect/sleeper for 2018 but top 5 is a bit of a stretch.

Profile photo of MARGE
Posted 06 September 2017

In dynasty leagues I see the high valuation on the player for the long haul, but in redraft he won’t even be in top 10 pre rankings next season. The position is just far too deep to give a player with a month of MLB experience any sort of worthy high ranking like that.

Profile photo of Henry Owens
Posted 06 September 2017

Solid analysis. Potential is there. But he gonna need more help Around him and get guys on base in front of him If he’s gonna put up top production numbers. I don’t think phillies are there quite yet.

Profile photo of Valarie Bays
Posted 07 September 2017

Thanks. Yes I agree. With so much depth at 1B and you hold out next year later in the draft he can be top guy.

Profile photo of Brady Cruz
Posted 09 September 2017

Good point above… .will be very similar to a Michael Conforto this year with plenty of HR and low RBI given the lack of help around him. Still, def a very top guyprospect/sleeper for next season for sure!

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