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Week 2 Waiver Wire Show

September 13, 2017 at 2:25 am

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Posted 13 September 2017

I’m NOT buying into Goff yet – weird to have a #1 pick where one year later the general consensus is to sell on him. He’ll need to get a few more weeks under his belt at a high level to show some consistency/real value.

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Posted 14 September 2017

Goff–> Kupp duo can be lethal. Give them more time to develop and see. Goff is basically playing with a new WR 1-2 this year with him and Watkins so in theory/hopefully he can only get better with more time together.

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Posted 14 September 2017

@unclearnold You’ll see how bad the Rams are when they aren’t playing the Colts. They probably just scored 1/4 of the total points that they will score this year in 1 game. Not buying

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Posted 14 September 2017

I didn’t get to see any of that Rams- Colts game, but I think Goff’s stat line is promising, certainly when compared to anything he did last season. He obviously won’t be playing the Colts defense every week, but he gets 4 games against the Niners and a Cardinals defense that just got torched by Matt Stafford. If you’re in a deep league or any type of Keeper or Dynasty format, why not add him as a backup?

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