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We welcomed Matt Harmon on Fantasy Football Breakdown

April 14, 2018 at 7:09 am

We talked WRs and Reception Perception and what it’s designed to do with Matt Harmon

I published my new episode Friday the 13th: Perception received from Matt Harmon, please check it out.

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Profile photo of Ted
Posted 15 April 2018

very cool!

Dez says he wants to stay in NFC East ,but I see him only going to SF or NE.

Profile photo of Taylor Mays
Posted 16 April 2018

Can u imagine Dez going to NYG

OBJ – Dez – Marshall
Saquon Barkley

Profile photo of C
Posted 17 April 2018

just waiting for the demarco murray and cj anderson dominos to fall……….

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