Profile photo of John Kelley
Posted 11 March 2018

never too early.
the “tiers” or “levels” this year are pretty extreme between the top guys, mid guys, and the “throw a dart against the wall guys” – i expect lots of things to shufle from now till aug obviously, but somebody like powell without forte as the clear 1 with a revised nyj o is one “deeper” guy to watch for.

Profile photo of Taylor Mays
Posted 11 March 2018

This is the year we finally “move on” from guys that never really panned out like Abdullah, Duke Johnson, etc. You think “this is the year they breakout” but never will.

Profile photo of Valarie Bays
Posted 12 March 2018

ALL in on Ty Montgomery again when helthy.!

Profile photo of Jacob Elsner
Posted 12 March 2018

@raidernation 11, between Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams there are too many Q marks in that backfield. Risk may not be worth the reward. Will prob ride the healthy/hot hand like last season.

Profile photo of Ryan Shumber
Posted 13 March 2018

Crowell in NY could be promising.

Profile photo of Kevin McCay
Posted 15 March 2018

not diggin the doug martin oak pairing.

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