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Travis Konecny on Fantasy Radar

January 27, 2018 at 11:01 am

Travis Konecny has never been on the fantasy hockey radar. Only in his 2nd NHL season at 20-years old, the Canadian born prospect (1st rounder in 2015 by PHI) has been making a name for himself over the past month, and fantasy analysts are starting to take notice.

Konecny is currently skating on the 1st line alongside all-star Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier. He is currently on a 4 game goal scoring streak while tallying up 5 points in that time. With a stat line of 22 points in 49 games it won’t be turning heads. However; with 30 games less played than last season he is close to matching last years totals. Great year-over-year growth.

His average time on ice has been consistent from last year in the 13-14 min. rage, which speaks volume of his increase in production without increase in ice time. His shooting percentage has finally eclipsed north of the league average now at 10.2% for the season.

As a young top prospect getting 1st-line playing time who is starting to gain some momentum, it should be a “light switch” for many of you to go to your waiver wire and pick him up. He is eligible in all three offensive positions (C, LW, and RW) and only owned in 22% of leagues.

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Profile photo of Lucas
Posted 27 January 2018

Sounds like a 2nd half sleeper all of us are lookin for

Profile photo of Peter H.
Posted 27 January 2018

This is a scrappy tough kid. You watch his highlights ur gonna want him. Def recommend it.

Profile photo of Henry Owens
Posted 29 January 2018

I like

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