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Todd Frazier

February 12, 2018 at 4:41 pm

Fantasy outlook/thoughts on Frazier this year with Mets???

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Posted 12 February 2018

i like this move a lot. he’s close to home. played with bruce for years. played for the new manager in cle. lots of familiarities to help him adjust to a new team. surprisingly good squad around him with cespedes, bruce, conforto, gonzalez etc.

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Posted 13 February 2018

Good thing that team isnt cursed with injuries lol

Profile photo of Peter H.
Posted 13 February 2018

He isn’t in many top 20 3B rankings amonst analysts.

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Posted 14 February 2018

High floor util/bench guy

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Posted 16 February 2018

Have fun with that .210 avg lol

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