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The 5th Down FF Episode 97 NFL News Rush

March 12, 2018 at 2:39 pm

Football, #fantasy, #fantasyfootball, #football, #freeagency, #news, #nfl, #nflnews, #nfltrades, #offseason
Johnny and K-Mill go over all the latest news, attempting to keep up with it all. The Browns were the ones making all the moves and we are just here to tell everyone our thoughts, don’t shoot the messenger!

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Profile photo of Henry Owens
Posted 12 March 2018

The Browns are becoming that little bro you want to root for.

Profile photo of Stu Peterson
Posted 13 March 2018

poor jordy nelson 🙁

Profile photo of Ryan Shumber
Posted 13 March 2018

Bridgewater in a perfect spot to save his career.

Profile photo of Brady Cruz
Posted 14 March 2018

Anybody know where Jordy is leaning towards?

Profile photo of Kevin McCay
Posted 15 March 2018

woooooooooooooooo great signing by OAK – Carr now in top 10 fantasy convo

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