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Growing Hype around Micheal Ferland

January 19, 2018 at 9:23 am

Micheal Ferland has quietly been having a breakout season for the Calgary Flames. The 25-year-old Canadian in in his 4th NHL season and has quickly surprassed his recent season long totals.

’15-’16: 71 games and 18 points (.25 PPG)
’16-’17: 76 games and 25 points (.33 PPG)
’17-’18: 44 games and 29 points (.66 PPG)

His current PPG average is double from last season. At this pace, would be at approx. 55 points for the season which would be a very solid role play for 12-man and larger fantasy leagues. He is only owned in 40% of leagues, and has been trending upward given his recent hot streak of 4 straight games with goals.

The reason why Ferland should be picked up his his spike in efficiency YoY. The NHL average for shooting percentage is slightly above 9%. Last season, he was at 14.2% and this year he is at a staggering 19.2%. Back to back years of being well above league after reaffirms he can consistently stay at this level. The fact that he is putting the puck on net more explains why we see this spike in productivity. Last year in 76 games he only had 106 SOGs. This year in just 44 games he is already at 99 SOGs.

Ferland is currently skating on the 1st line with Johnny Hockey and Sam Bennett. His ATOI is north of 15 MPG, which is 4 minutes more than last season. Clearly, he is taking advantage of his larger role and opportunities. With both LW and RW eligibility, he is somebody who can emerge as a large 2nd half sleeper for the fantasy season.

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Posted 19 January 2018

That 50-55 pt threshold is prob the bare minimum you would want for a player in season long redraft leagues. But with the Flames in playoff contention it could take guys like this to really breakout after ASB to make it happen.

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Posted 19 January 2018

While h’es scoring no reason not to ride the hot hand tho

Profile photo of Frankie
Posted 19 January 2018

got him!

Profile photo of Stu Peterson
Posted 20 January 2018

idk if his ceiling his high enough for a long term play, but as long as hes on the 1st line with that atoi theres not hard to snag him up for now.

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