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Five Hole Fantasy Hockey Radio | Episode 19 | Konecny the Dots

January 30, 2018 at 7:43 pm

So the All-Star break is over! There’s no time to waste when it comes to getting back into the swing of Fantasy Hockey and we’re here to help.

A look through the lengthy injury list, and some of the returns. How does it affect the line combinations? Who gets bumped up or down?

Then we go day-by-day for Streaming selections for Points, Hits, Blocks, PIMs anything you might need to win the week by a wide margin.

Line combination changes are examined, and some players who are getting better deployment are revealed.

It’s time to start pushing for the playoffs! If you’re clinched, we’ve got something for ya, if you’re pushing, we have something for you too, and if you’re on the outs, we still have some stuff for you guys.

Enjoy the Epi! Love you guys

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Contact us: @fhfhockey on Twitter

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Profile photo of Pat Callahan
Posted 30 January 2018

Konecny is now owned in 29% of leagues (+25% over the past week). He is getting picked up very quickly, if you guys want him, need to move on it fast.

Profile photo of Five Hole Fantasy Hockey
Posted 30 January 2018

I was lucky enough to snag him last week, loving that triple eligibility too

Profile photo of Billy Johnson
Posted 31 January 2018

Looks like Tom Wilson has officially cooled off. Back to only helping at PIM.

Profile photo of Kyle Grffin
Posted 01 February 2018

Nice post ASG present to get Schwartz back in the lineups too

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