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Five Hole Fantasy Hockey Radio | Episode 18 | Bye-Bye Bye weeks

January 17, 2018 at 9:11 am

The Bye weeks are almost over boys! We won’t have to deal with another one like this, because Bettman will likely change the bye week mandate next year.

But! In the meantime we still need to be prepared for it, who is off this week? and Who is on?

Couple of key injuries get discussed, and of course the Daily Streamer segment hits with a day by day streamer guide.

Enjoy your week boys! see you next week.

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Love yas

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Profile photo of Billy Johnson
Posted 17 January 2018

Josh Bailey should be a high sell option right now. He’s out for now. Price at a peak point. It’s tough i know, but could be a solid move.

Profile photo of Chelsea Briggs
Posted 17 January 2018

I’ve hated the BYE weeks when it comes to minimum required goalie appearances per week. They need to change that up during this time.

Profile photo of Darren
Posted 18 January 2018

Thoughts on what to do with Corey Perry?

Profile photo of Danny Hornsman
Posted 19 January 2018

Drop Perry. Best days are behind him.

Profile photo of Five Hole Fantasy Hockey
Posted 19 January 2018

Couldn’t agree more, drop him

Profile photo of Stu Peterson
Posted 20 January 2018

nhl should have avoided the bye weeks this season so nhl players could be in olympics

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