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FFfaceoff's 2QB Mock Draft, Andrew Luck, Gronk and OBJ

April 10, 2018 at 7:08 pm

The FFfaceoff’s 2-QB Mock Draft 1.0 including the strategy and tips to help you win your fantasy football league. Plus, the leading NFL News and Rumors of the week.

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Profile photo of Mikey Wentzel
Posted 10 April 2018

CJ anderson hype train will crash and burn. Booker is the RB to own by mid season next year.

Profile photo of Derrick
Posted 12 April 2018

Idc what reports say, 100% staying away from Luck and Colts offense this fantasy season!!

Profile photo of Valarie Bays
Posted 13 April 2018

If anything is true about Brady/Gronks last year – u know they brniging it all.

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