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Do You Trust Orioles' Jonathan Schoop

January 12, 2018 at 4:05 pm

The 26-year-old 2nd Basemen for the Baltimore Orioles was among some of baseball’s favorite fantasy sleepers in 2017. As we look athead to 2018, many wonder (myself included) if you believe he can maintain this high level of play.

For three consectuve seasons (’15-’17) Schoop has increased his HRs, RBIS, and TBs.
HR: 15, 25, 32
RBI: 39, 82, 105
TB: 147, 279, 313

This consistent increase in production is very encouraging. However; the “X factor” and elephant in the Baltimore room is whether or not Manny Machado will be on the opening day roster. The quick and easy answer is, “If Machado is on the team, you should feel more comfortable having Schoop.” If not, there may be trouble.

With Schoop projected to bad 3rd in a lineup where he has Machado infront of him, and Adam Jones in the cleanup spot, it’s a jackpot scenario for plenty of RBIs, Rs and great at-bats sandwhiched between two great homerun hitters. With Machado out of the equation, pitchers will fact the top half of the lineup with a different strategy which will not be in Schoops favor without a “Machado” in front of him for protection.

Schoop is currently ranked overall in the low 60s, and top 10 for both 2B and SS eligibility according to FantasyPros. Your rankings and draft strategy should be heavily supervised until the Machado situation is resolved (confirmed he is staying or is traded).

Glass half full: Machado stays. Schoop ends season top 5 2B with guys like Altuve, Ramirez, Murphy, Dozier AHEAD of guys like Cano, Gordon, Merrifield.

Glass half empy: Machado leaves. He becomes the focus point for opposing pitchers. Struggles in new role. Less RISP at-bats. Big hit in overall production.

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Profile photo of Joe Russo
Posted 12 January 2018

obviously lineup around a guy plays an impact on his opportunities to produce, but its not like schoop with crash and burn without machado

Profile photo of Valarie Bays
Posted 12 January 2018

Love him this year regardless of what happens to Machado. Not many power hitting middle IFs in fantasy, so take advantage of the rare commodity.

Profile photo of James
Posted 14 January 2018

i can see murphy regressing soon, even less depth at 2b, (will be hitting mid 30s soon)

Profile photo of Henry Owens
Posted 16 January 2018

Still love him this year.

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