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Buying Low on Aaron Gordon

February 6, 2018 at 9:31 am

Gordon is hurt with a hip injury, ruled out for the dunk contest at the ASG cause of it, and his named is surrounded around trade rumors. If there ever was a “low” point to buy him it’s now. WDUT??

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Posted 06 February 2018

Since he’s hurt his value is a minor decrease, but a trade would most likely be good for him, so I see it being a wash, so you wold prob have to pay fair market value for him.

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Posted 06 February 2018

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Posted 07 February 2018

Maybe time to pick up Marreese Speights and Mario Hezonja to see what they can do.

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Posted 08 February 2018

i would def trade for him if i didnt already have him lol

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