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Average Joe Nation Fantasy Award Show

January 26, 2018 at 2:10 pm

New Show!! Pickle & Blackburn wrap up Season 1 with our Average Joe Nation Fantasy Football Award Show!!




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Posted 27 January 2018

i think fantasy football for xfl would be stupid (in a player perspective), but in a management perspective you def want it. many ppl want more football on games that arent their teams strictly for fantasy, and u can prob expect the same for xfl, esp when it has college favorites who didnt make it to the nfl.

Profile photo of Robert Bean
Posted 27 January 2018

Wonder if they will learn from all their past mistakes. On paper it makes sense with the popularity of the game of football. People will pay to watch certain players they like (For example if guys like Tebow, Johhny Football etc played there) it would def sell seats.

Profile photo of Kenny
Posted 28 January 2018

Johnny Manziel already rejected from new league lol

Profile photo of Ryan Shumber
Posted 29 January 2018

Perfect timing, Tebow can leave “MLB” for XFL

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