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3 Young Studs to Target This Draft

January 20, 2018 at 10:27 am

Everybody loves a sleeper, but targeting “very deep” guys with a low probability of actually breaking out isn’t usually in your best odds. There are a number “pretty well known” expected sleepers this year, and it’s best practice to reach for the young “blue chip” prospects who have the highest realistic expectations to breakout this season. Here are three to keep in mind for your draft:

1) Amed Rosario (SS for NYM)

What’s really exciting about Rosario is that he doesn’t have that “WOW” factor with his numbers in the minors to have plenty of fantasy analysts jumping for joy. He is however; a top 10 prospect consensus pick, and continued to improve YoY. He runs a risk of a high K rate, and is expected to be in the 10 HR, 30 SB, .300 AVG category which could have him fall to about the 12SS, a starter in most leagues. Low risk middle size reward in return.

2) Yoan Moncada (2B for CHW)

No surprise here. This is a sleeper that you are probably going to have to “reach” for in your draft, just because he is more well-known after his hype coming up to the majors last fall. The 22-year-old has an ADP in the 12-13 round range based on the size of your draft, and just falls inside the top 20 among 2B. Obviously, do not draft him to be your starter. The top-5 prospect has a concern S/O rate over 34% (very short period in the majors to be fair), but in his final month had an OPS over .800 and S/O decreased to 27%. Nice signs of improvement, and encouraging heading into this season.

3) Jose Berrios (SP for Twins)

Coming into his 3rd season in the majors, the 24-year-old quieted may “bust” critics dropping his unacceptable 8+ ERA to 3.89 in 2017. Was flat out dominant back when he was in the minors, he is expected to have an incredibly “easy” schedule this season playing in the AL Central going up against a number of below average lineups for plenty of starts this year. Strength of schedule isn’t something that you may think of when it comes to fantasy baseball, but in a divisional aspect for a pitcher and their projected lineup opponents, it is very encouraging for Berrios in 2018.

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Posted 20 January 2018

all about snagging up plenty of sp depth later on. always try to at least draft 2 sp sleepers hopefully one pans out. for me, that was robbie ray last year. berrios, and nola from phi certainly near the top of that list this year. nola obviously a much higher price tag though.

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Posted 20 January 2018

Rafael Devers should be on top of most peoples sleepers list this year.

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Posted 21 January 2018

Lots of Q marks about that Mets lineup though that a player like Rosario who helps with small ball cats will need help with. Runs scored, SB opps etc.

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