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Hey @eli4president the fantasy hockey rankings came out for July. Your boy Tavares is not ev...

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@kebaumer I know you're a big Larkin guy. He's already on the red wings depth chart as the #1 LW. Wi...

Best Goalies for '17?
By gnomest91
27-Jul-2016 5:50AM
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Lundqvist has been my go to goalie in recent years, but since the Rangers haven't addressed their de...

Connor McDavid
By arounddhorn
27-Jul-2016 5:14AM
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The next Gretzky? Is the teenager worth a 1st round pick already?

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I drafted Mzarek last year with my last pick (Can keep him as a 17th rounder). If the Wings don't mo...

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I'm already preparing for fantasy hockey. I've kept stamkos the last couple years as my 1st rounder....

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