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Price vs. Holtby
By peterh
18-Sep-2017 6:12PM
Profile photo of Peter H.

Which goalie should be taken first? The fight for both: Price in 2016: 37 Wins - 2.23 GAA - .923 SV...

Poll Question By vinsanity
17-Sep-2017 12:01PM
All-in on Sebastian Aho
By deznuts
15-Sep-2017 4:49PM
Profile photo of Stanley

I feel Aho didn't get much love last year. Maybe it's because he is in a smaller hockey market or wa...

Check the Pod Boys
By fhfhockey
13-Sep-2017 11:53PM
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Five Hole Fantasy Hockey, itunes, stitcher, TuneIn, anywhere you're listening. Crack a beer open, ta...

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Mika last year had a devastating injury that held him out for most part of the year. Prior to the in...

Profile photo of Mullet

i'd be freaking out right now if i was a sabres fan "if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen" but soo...

By pbjtime
03-Sep-2017 11:42AM
Profile photo of JT Grier

Expectations on Eberle changing teams/playing top line w/Tavares now. Think he can finally live up t...

Players on the decline
By nyrnyk94
30-Aug-2017 12:08PM
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Which players do you think are about to regress or start to decline in production? Share players who...

2018 Sleepers to Watch
By dcdemon
27-Aug-2017 1:25PM
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Below is a list from of sleepers to look out for. Do you agree with them? 1- Patrick Marlea...

The McDavid Effect
By theflyingv
25-Aug-2017 10:37AM
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Ryan Strome is a personal big sleeper of mine this year. Obviously not a big secret now playing with...

Poll Question By odoylerules
22-Aug-2017 11:51AM
Is Kucherov top 5
By afternoondelight
20-Aug-2017 9:01PM
Profile photo of Jacob Elsner

How high do the rest of you have Kucherov in your rankings this year?...