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Poll Question By jwright94
29-Dec-2017 3:02PM
Clint Capela Injury
By phantasyphenom
27-Dec-2017 12:27PM
Profile photo of Justin Vogel

How concerned is everyone about the injury? As of now they are saying just out for 2 (more) games. N...

Profile photo of Adam Repenshek

Poll Question By skankhunt42
23-Dec-2017 11:04AM
Isaiah Thomas ALMOST BACK :)
By kgriffin2
21-Dec-2017 6:25PM
Profile photo of Kyle Grffin

If you were waiting to trade for him, nows the time:

Poll Question By margeincharge
20-Dec-2017 4:01PM
Profile photo of Adam Repenshek

Profile photo of JT Grier

Choosing between the two.... do you like more ROS??...

New to Fantasy BB
By rebel
13-Dec-2017 3:15PM
Profile photo of roy stier

I've played Fantasy football for years and love it. This year I have the opportunity to play Fantasy...

Profile photo of Billy

"Mitchell just keeps climbing, notching tallies of 31 and a career-high 41 points in two of his last...

Nikola Mirotic
By bbean77
12-Dec-2017 11:25AM
Profile photo of Robert Bean

What's everyone thoughts on picking up Mirotic? He's the most picked up player on Yahoo right now....

Profile photo of Adam Repenshek

Profile photo of Tyler Watts

Mike and I discuss the plethora of injuries across the NBA and how that to deal with them for your f...

Profile photo of S Hunt

Thoughts on who steps up with Curry out... who can be the big fantasy "winners" while he's out?...

Profile photo of Adam Repenshek

Poll Question By unclearnold
01-Dec-2017 2:07PM

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