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Shohei Otani
By bjohnson85
15-Nov-2017 10:02PM
Profile photo of Billy Johnson

If he joins MLB next year where do you think he ranks among MLB players!? He's a "pitcher outfielder...

Profile photo of Devin R.

Outside of the obvious "he's getting older argument" Hamels is on the same track as many former elit...

Bounce back Candidates
By raidernation11
06-Nov-2017 6:49PM
Profile photo of Valarie Bays

Who (if any) would you say has a legit shot of having a strong bounce back season next year? Few nam...

Profile photo of Peter Tyler

Verlander looked 10 years younger once he got traded to Houston (5-0 and sub 2 era) in the reg seaso...

Poll Question By kgriffin2
30-Oct-2017 9:03PM
Some of my Fav. 2018 Sleepers
By bbean77
27-Oct-2017 4:35PM
Profile photo of Robert Bean

Here's my list. Let me know what you think. 1- Addison Russell 2- Jorge Soler 3- Kenny Vargas 4- Ma...

Poll Question By dabears
25-Oct-2017 3:47PM
Poll Question By miraclemets69
23-Oct-2017 11:35AM
Waiver Wire Wonders
By baseballgenius
19-Oct-2017 7:06PM
Profile photo of Adam Repenshek

Fantasy Baseball Bombs
By baseballgenius
19-Oct-2017 7:05PM
Profile photo of Adam Repenshek

High Expectations for Aaron Nola
By dcdemon
14-Oct-2017 10:10AM
Profile photo of Derrick

Who are your favorite fantasy baseball sleepers next year? Mine starts with Aaron Nola. 1) Nola ha...

Profile photo of Pat Callahan

CBS was saying this about Olson , "If it was only home runs that mattered, Matt Olson would have as ...

Profile photo of Chelsea Briggs

I read this on and wanted to hear if other ppl agree with this or not: "Taylor has been more...

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