Fantasy Baseball

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Coming into the 2018, Albies was one of my favorite sleepers. A few weeks now into the new season, h...

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Fantasy Football

Booting The Kicker
By thehateful8ff
23-Apr-2018 10:06PM
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Profile photo of Justin Pickle

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The FFfaceoff's 2018 NFL Schedule Release Preview and Spoilers. Plus, the latest NFL News including ...

Blind Comparison vs ADP
By thehateful8ff
18-Apr-2018 8:59PM
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Fantasy Hockey

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WDUT? Seems too high to me, personally. ...

Poll Question By gatorchomp
20-Apr-2018 9:14PM
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5 full seasons already in the nhl. one year he shows to be a roy, another a bust, one year an all st...

Poll Question By pbjtime
15-Apr-2018 11:31AM
Tavares' Ceiling
By dcdemon
12-Apr-2018 8:09PM
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What type of ceiling do you think he will get next season if he leaves ISles and goes to a contender...

Fantasy Basketball

Poll Question By gnomest91
22-Apr-2018 8:40AM
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WDUT of dis?

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Hi, I got bored this past week, and decided to write a library to pull information from the API in ...

Poll Question By makeitrain
15-Apr-2018 10:35AM

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