Fantasy Football

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We've also teams up with some other Podcadt to raise money for toy for tots. Anything helps even if ...

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Poll Question By 2minwarning
19-Oct-2017 10:26AM
Any line up questions?
By johnnyslokes
18-Oct-2017 5:08PM
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Ask me your line up questions and we will answer them on our next podcast!...

Fantasy Hockey

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Be careful with the waiver, choose wisely!

No Love for Mikko Rantanen?
By nyrnyk94
18-Oct-2017 7:07PM
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Mikko Rantanen is currently owned in only 22% of Yahoo! leagues. Playing for a surprisingly hot star...

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Turns out watching and recording at the same time isn't the best plan. But now we know. TJ tries his...

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Can we rely on these guys all season or is a one month, one-week thing and done? https://liveinthes...

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Some of these players worry more for the whole year after these starts, but it is early.. https://li...

Fantasy Basketball

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Poll Question By deznuts
19-Oct-2017 12:33PM
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Hey all check out our latest episode of the Clutch Talk Sports Radio Podcast! It’s our NBA Season ...

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I have: Harden Brogdon Hardaway Fournier Love Aldridge Turner Collison (ind) J. Green (mem) Powe...

Gordon Hayword
By dabears
15-Oct-2017 11:25AM
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What are your thoughts/expectations/concerns with drafting Hayword this year? New team, new system, ...

Fantasy Baseball

Waiver Wire Wonders
By baseballgenius
19-Oct-2017 7:06PM
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Fantasy Baseball Bombs
By baseballgenius
19-Oct-2017 7:05PM
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High Expectations for Aaron Nola
By dcdemon
14-Oct-2017 10:10AM
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Who are your favorite fantasy baseball sleepers next year? Mine starts with Aaron Nola. 1) Nola ha...

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CBS was saying this about Olson , "If it was only home runs that mattered, Matt Olson would have as ...

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